Two Years ago ….

Two years ago on June 21, 2018, I released an episode of the podcast where I talked to Terry Smith. We had a great discussion and at the end of the episode, after I had turned of the recording, he asked if I had a few moments. I did and he asked me about starting a podcast where a guest would pick a song from each decade of their lives. I loved it, we did a few pilot episodes on SLB calling them Tea Time with Terry and this resulted in Terry’s great Music Talks podcast. He just celebrated his 1st anniversary and he was kind enough to ask me to be the guest to celebrate the occasion. I thought it might be fun to share his first visit on the podcast to see how it all began…

SLB Dan Kois – Glory Days

Dan is a writer for Slate Magazine. He recently shared some thoughts on the lyrics of Glory Days and how they might need a bit of tweaking.  He explains and shares his thoughts in today’ episode.  

Dan’s Twitter – @dankois

Jesse’s Twitter – @jessejacksonDFW

SLB Kevin Heider

Kevin Heider is a singer-songwriter from Ohio  He has released several albums but his latest album “Ohio” will be a very special interest to Springsteen fans. Kevin does acoustic versions of several of Springsteen songs.