Exercise Goals

In my last appointment the dietitian asked me for my exercise goals post surgery. The thought is that I am going to lose a lot of weight over the next year post surgery possibly even 100 pounds. She wanted to know if I had any goals. I looked over at Linda and said if you’re asking me in front of my lovely bride my number one goal is to be able to go on a nature walk with her. Maybe ride horses or go camping, without the weight I should not get as winded and will enjoy walking more.

I then looked at the dietitian and said if Linda isn’t here, my goal Is to attend a Springsteen concert in the pit because I’ve never had the stamina to queue For the lottery and then stand for the hours before the show much less the three hours of the show. When Bruce tours again and I can be in the pit and be comfortable and not have my back ache and my legs feel horrible, that would be a good thing. Nature walk with Linda will be lovely, standing for a full Springsteen show in the bit, priceless.

Asking for help, sheepishly

A few people have reached out to see if there was a way to help me during my latest fight with cancer. Your love, prayers, and good thoughts are always appreciated. I know that a great deal of us have gone through some very tough financial times this past year. If you do have the ability to kick in a dollar or two to help out, I would appreciate it. It will be used for medical copayments as well as covering our monthly expenses while recovering from surgery.


My Contribution to the Audio Yearbook Project – 1959

Jim Bricker reached out to the twitterverse to see if there would be any interest in doing a 90 minute virtual mix tape for each year from 1955 – 2020. I thought that sounded fun. I wanted to do 1977, the year I graduated High School but that year was taken so I picked my birth year, 1959.

Here is a link to my Spotify Play List.

And here is a list of the songs…

Track                               Artist

1 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore Buddy Holly
2 A Big Hunk of Love Elvis Presley
3 That’s Why I love you So Jackie Wilson
4 Let it Be Me Everly Brothers
5 Put your Head on my shoulder Paul Anka
6 Tha Battle of New Orleans Johnny Horton
7 I want to walk you home Fats Domino
8 There goes my baby The Drifters
9 Peter Gunn Theme Ray Anthony
10 El Paso Marty Robbins
11 Donna Ritchie Valens
12 Come Softly to Me The Fleetwoods
13 What’d I say Ray Charles
14 He’ll have to Go Jim Reeves
15 Heartaches by the Number Guy Mitchell
16 In the Mood Ernie Fields
17 Long Black Veil Lefty Frizell
18 I got Stripes Johnny Cash
19 Since I don’t have You The Skyliners
20 Tallahassee Lassie Freddy Cannon
21 What a difference a day makes Dinah Washington
22 Sea of Love Phil Phillips
23 A Teenager in Love Dion and The Belmonts
24 Only Sixteen Sam Cooke
25 Personality Lloyd Price
26 16 Candles The Crests
27 I only have Eyes for You The Flamingos
28 Venus Frankie Avalon
29 Kansas City Wilbert Harrison
30 Little Queenie Chuck Berry
31 Mack the Knife Bobby Darin

Health Update

Hello, my friends,

I’ve not talked about this on the podcast and I’m still debating on if I will bring this up. I’ve been diagnosed with stomach cancer. That’s right, cancer again!

The 5 cm mass is in my stomach and I will need surgery to have it removed. The plan is to have it removed in about 2 or 3 weeks. Because of the location of the mass, I will need to have part of my stomach removed and they will need to do a gastric bypass. So I’m attending a crash course of nutrition and counseling over the next few weeks to get me ready for post-surgery.

The good news is that they don’t think I will need chemo and if I do it will be an oral pill, not the infusion I received last time. The other good news is that this should lead me to lose weight (which is a good thing).

My company has been very supportive and has allowed me to work from home. Once I go on short-term disability, I will be at 40% of my salary so we will have a tough month but we have some savings so we will be OK

I have about 10 episodes of the podcast prerecorded so I won’t need to miss any episodes. Once I’m post-surgery, I’ll start recording new episodes. I did hear from Lynette Corolla who was one of my inspirations for the podcast and she said she would love to join me to talk about her Springsteen story.

For now, I’m asking for any good thoughts you have to send them my way. Linda has been a trooper but I know this will be hard on her. Thank you for your support and love, it means the world to me.

Ted Canova SOYL

Ted Canova @TedCanova has been telling stories his whole life, maybe that is why he loves Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne’s music so much.  He is the host of multiple podcasts including the newest #Springsteenpodcast, That One Lyric https://www.thatonelyric.com/  He joins Jesse in the second of two episodes.