Ted Canova SOYL

Ted Canova @TedCanova has been telling stories his whole life, maybe that is why he loves Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne’s music so much.  He is the host of multiple podcasts including the newest #Springsteenpodcast, That One Lyric https://www.thatonelyric.com/  He joins Jesse in the second of two episodes.


Out of Pocket Update

It is always a debate for me on how much to share with my audience. I tend to be very open about me and my life. However sometimes I think I might overshare. In this case, I’m going to find a middle ground. I ended up going into the Hospital for a few days starting on Wednesday. I ended up being very anemic. They are still looking for the cause. For sure I have a 5 centimeter mass in my stomach that will need to be removed. We are waiting on the biopsy report. For now, I feel much better (it’s amazing what given a pint of blood will do for you if you are anemic.) As I learn more, I’ll share more. For now thanks for the well wishes and support.