Blood Brothers

The online Springsteen community is a sunny day in what is often a dreary internet world. I am proud to share links to other members of the Springsteen podcast family, Springsteen bloggers and friends/supporters of the podcast.

Fellow Springsteen Podcasts

Bruce Springsteen sings the Alphabet

Music Talks with Terry Smith

Tramps Like Us – A Bruce Springsteen Podcast

None but the Brave Podcast

Springtime for Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Song of the Week


Springsteen Blogs

Blogness on the Edge of Town – Peter Chianca

E Street Shuffle – Ken Rosen

Stray Bullet – Anna Lind

Powder Finger Speaks – Steven Routledge

My Boss Time – your personal Springsteen Statistics

Union Avenue 76

Friends of the Podcast 

Bruce Funds

Dan French

Thom Zahler (The official Artist of Set Lusting Bruce)

David Rosen (write of the Set Lusting Bruce Theme song)

Link –

Jay Armstong

Joyce Millman

Ruth Badley

Sherry Thompson

Andrew Hickey

Research Links


Springsteen Lyrics

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