Here we go again!

This past spring, I posted 47 episodes in a row for my #40daysofSpringsteen project.  It was challenging but a lot of fun.   The National Podcast Post Month ( offers a challenge to podcasters.  If you can post a new podcast every day in November, you can win a nifty badge to display on your website and who doesn’t love nifty badges. 

Starting on Friday 11/1/19, I’ll be posting a new episode every day.  I’ve picked 30 Springsteen songs that I love and I’m going to talk about them one song at a time.  I hope you will keep me company and give me feedback as we march toward a successful Podcast Post Month!

Daniel Hobrecht

Daniel shares his Springsteen story that started on July 1975, Carton Baron Amphitheater Washington, D.C. After about an hour and forty minutes, he turned to his girlfriend and said: “remember this night, we will never again see Bruce and the band this close, with this few people, and this cheap ever again!”

It’s a Pod Life?

I’m proud to be part of the Southgate Media group. They are the kind people who allow me to talk Doctor Who, Titans, Comic book TV shows, conventions and of course Bruce Springsteen. Rob, Martha and Molly Southgate are my podcast leaders and wonderful friends. A few years ago, Rob got the idea to publish a book of different podcasters sharing their Podcast Story. After a lot of time, trials, effort and work, the finished product is available. Currently it is available in a Kindle format and soon it will be available in paperback and other formats. My story is in the book. I hope you will check it out.

If you want a physical copy and would like it signed (I don’t know why you would but if you do) email me or post it here and I can get you a copy. I’m not sure the cost but it won’t be much over my cost plus shipping.

Western Stars Movie Thoughts

Saturday night 10/19, we went to see Western Stars.  No only did Mrs. Set Lusting bruce (Linda) join me but her sister Mary & my brother in law Clayton.   I was on the only Bruce fanatic in the group, the other 3 were going just to enjoy a night together.    We went to Maggiano’s before hand and we lost track of time.  We realized that we were going to make the movie but barely.  In fact, we walked into the theater and Bruce was already singing Hitch Hiker. 

The film is amazing.  I love the Western Stars CD and to hear the songs done live with a full orchestra was a treat.  The musicians were amazing, hearing a full string section on top of the horns and the rest of the instruments raised the bar on the songs.   It was good to see some familiar faces as part of the group as well as all the new musicians.  IF this had been straight concert film, it would have been great but I love that Bruce and Thom took it to another level.   The segments between songs were insightful, informative, inspiring and touching.  As I listened, I wished I had the script to read after the film.  Bruce shares so much of himself as well as his thoughts on life.   I had read that this is the 3rd part of a Springsteen triology.  The book, the broadway show and now the film.  I agree.   Linda had listened to the CD on our way back from Atlanta and she liked it.  But she shared with me during the film in a whisper how much she liked the songs more watching him perform them.   By seeing Bruce and somewhat reading his lips she was able to understand much more about the stories of the songs not just the emotions.   Clay and Mary both were impressed and loved watching him perform.  Clayton is a big fan of Glen Campbell so having Bruce end the show with Rhinestone Cowboy gave him a thrill.  He mentioned it was the perfect way to end the film and the set.   Another comment Clay shared is that he agreed with Bruce that strings do increase the sound and makes it bigger.   I don’t know if the movie converted them totally, but it at least moved them a little closer to the Springsteen camp.

I loved hearing all the songs.  The footage between songs be it old home movies or fresh scenes of the dessert were beautiful.   Clay, Mary and Linda love Big Bend TX and the film made them want to get in the car and head to south Texas.  I ove the home movies of Patti and Bruce, the story of the bench and of course them singing together.   The more we learn about their relationship, the more we know that she has been his good companion on this part of the ride.  She had been his strength when needed and his soft place to fall.    

The making of bonus segment was also enjoyable.  It was good to see parts of the Q&A on the big screen.  I enjoyed hearing the different creative people behind the scenes talking about the filming.   The barn was amazing.  I did tell Linda that it seems a little unfair that not only did the select few get to hear this live, but they also got their name in the credits.   She asked if I wished I was in the crowd knowing what my answer would be, YES. 

This is an amazing new chapter in Bruce’s journey and I’m so glad he shared this with us.   But enough about my thoughts, what do you think?  Send me your thoughts to or leave a voice mail at (469) 249-2442

In closing remember

“You walk on through the dark because that is where the next morning is “ Bruce Springsteen

Discover Pods Award Nominations

Hi Set Lusting Bruce fans (and fans of other podcasts). Discover Pods is taking nominations for best Podcasts of 2019.
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A touch of Springsteen at work

Last year, my company moved into a new office space. The area was a massive upgrade from our previous building. It is a mostly open office space with offices only for the Executive Leadership Team. For privacy or for one on one meetings, there are multiple “huddle rooms” in the office. There are 3 huddle rooms near the area near Support and OnBoarding. When we were first in the building and setting up meetings in the huddle room, the question everyone asked was “Which Huddle Room?” After a week of saying, the one closest to the break room or the one in the middle or the one closest to us, I got tired of the rooms not being named. Partly tongue in cheek, I printed up three names via Word. I printed out Hungry Heart, Thunder Road and Born to Run. I taped them on the glass walls of the rooms and waiting for HR or upper management to take them down. Eighteen Months later, my homemade signs are still used as the names of the rooms. My small way to add a little Bruce into the work space.