A touch of Springsteen at work

Last year, my company moved into a new office space. The area was a massive upgrade from our previous building. It is a mostly open office space with offices only for the Executive Leadership Team. For privacy or for one on one meetings, there are multiple “huddle rooms” in the office. There are 3 huddle rooms near the area near Support and OnBoarding. When we were first in the building and setting up meetings in the huddle room, the question everyone asked was “Which Huddle Room?” After a week of saying, the one closest to the break room or the one in the middle or the one closest to us, I got tired of the rooms not being named. Partly tongue in cheek, I printed up three names via Word. I printed out Hungry Heart, Thunder Road and Born to Run. I taped them on the glass walls of the rooms and waiting for HR or upper management to take them down. Eighteen Months later, my homemade signs are still used as the names of the rooms. My small way to add a little Bruce into the work space.

Let me Hear From You!

Hello Set Lusting Bruce listeners and readers I’m asking for another favor.  I know, I know, I am becoming the “needy” podcast.   But I think this one is a pretty easy favor.  Over the past few months, we’ve had some interesting episodes (at least I hope you found them interesting) and I’d like to do a series of feedback episode.   Once a month, I’d like to turn the microphone over to you, the listeners.   I want to do an episode giving anyone who wants a chance to share their thoughts about the show, Bruce, specific episodes, recent concerts you attended, music reviews, etc.  One of the things I dislike about doing a podcast is that at times it feels like a one way conversation.   I do get replies on Twitter and Facebook but that isn’t the same.

Here is how you can help.   There are multiple ways to contribute. 

  1. Call the Set Lusting Bruce voice mail line – ‪(469) 249-2442   leave a message.
  2. Email me a recording you make on your phone or computer.  It can be a .wav, mp3 or mp4 file.
  3. Send me an email listing your thoughts and I’ll read it on the podcast. The email address is setlustingbruce@gmail.com
  4. Send me a direct message on Facebook or Twitter and I can read that on the podcast as well.  The show is Setlustingbruce on facebook or twitter
  5. Go to our website www.setlustingbruce.com and post a comment on a recent episode and I can read that on the episode.
  6. Go it itunes and leave a review

It’s ok to leave multiple emails or voice mails about different topics.  If I can get enough feedback, I”ll want to do this one a month.    Let me hear you call.

SLB Rob Carmack and JB Clark BSSTA

Since January 2016, Rob Carmack and JB Clark have been giving us the basic facts about every Bruce Springsteen song in alphabetical order.  This week they got to Zero and Blind Terry.  What comes next?  JB and Rob sit down with Jesse to review the past and share the future.


Western Stars Soundtrack

Today the following was released on Bruce’s website. https://brucespringsteen.net/news/2019/western-stars-songs-from-the-film-album-to-accompany-bruce-springsteens-directorial-debut-on-october-25th

it is going to be interesting listening to the release. The studio album was released just a few months ago and I have to wonder how different will be the live versions. I know that if he had performed a few other songs with this band, I would have a lot more interest. For now, I’m not sure that just one cover on top of the songs from the album being performed live will be enough for me to go buy this album. I’m looking forward to the film and after hearing the music while watching the film, I might be more inclined to pick up the CD.

How about you? What are your thoughts on us getting a Western Stars Soundtrack? Please comment below, send me an email at Setlustingbruce@gmail.com or leave me a message at 469-249-2442.