SLB Dan Kois – Glory Days

Dan is a writer for Slate Magazine. He recently shared some thoughts on the lyrics of Glory Days and how they might need a bit of tweaking.  He explains and shares his thoughts in today’ episode.  

Dan’s Twitter – @dankois

Jesse’s Twitter – @jessejacksonDFW

SLB Kevin Heider

Kevin Heider is a singer-songwriter from Ohio  He has released several albums but his latest album “Ohio” will be a very special interest to Springsteen fans. Kevin does acoustic versions of several of Springsteen songs.

SLB Collection of Mary Answers

The first of a two-part discussion.  Here is a collection of answers to the “Mary Question.”  After listening to this episode head to the next episode where Jay Armstrong and I talk about the various answers and what it says about us.

Here is who contributed to the “Mary Answers.”

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  3. Episode 166 Mike Scully
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  8. Voice Mail – Jeanette
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  12. Episode 213 Ian Braisby
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  17. Episode 302 Matthew Breslow
  18. Episode 235 Colin Murr
  19. Episode 268 Daniel Hobrecht
  20. Episode 269 Sherry Thomas
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  23. Episode 244 Liselotte Schuren
  24. Rob Carmack
  25. Timothy Arnold
  26. Jeff Calaway
  27. Episode 265 Mark Cunningham
  28. Episode 252 Stephen Maiullo
  29. Episode 266 Ruth Bradley
  30. Episode 283 Barbi Holt
  31. Episode 268 Daniew Hobrecht
  32. Episode 311 Josh Ringler
  33. Episode 324 Holly McMiller
  34. Episode 321 Tom McCormack
  35. Episode 67 Jay Armstrong

SLB Remembering Mark Barkan

Legendary songwriter Mark Barkan passed away in early May.  Ed Rakowski joins me to talk about his passing, his family and his legacy for a few minutes, then we are replaying the interview I had with Mark from September 2019.   Please post your thoughts & memories of Mark here