SLB Sotero Lopez

It’s Friday the 13th and to celebrate, here is a wheels off episode of Set Lusting Bruce featuring my podcast partner Sotero Lopez aka Mexican Junior.  We also hear Chris’ good puppy dog, Charlie and Bob Bland (also from the How Many Podcast).  Please keep an open mind as Junior has a little fun with me about Bruce and his music.  Sorry about the background noise from Charlie.

Living on Music – Max Weinberg

In what we hope will be a new regular even on the podcast, music blogger Steve Houk shares a conversation he had with Max Weinberg for an article Steve wrote for his Living on Music Website.  Here is the unedited conversation.

Steve’s Twitter  @midliferocker

Show’s Twitter @setlustingbuce

SLB Al Doyle

In today’s episode, Jesse is joined by Al Doyle from Belfast.

He shares his Springsteen story & how he got his first Bruce cassette might remind you of a scene in a certain movie.

Al is a passionate fan and his love of his city & of Bruce’s music comes through clearly in the episode.  Please share it with your fellow Bruce Fans.

Al’s Twitter – @aldoyle14

Jesse’s Twitter @JesseJacksonDFW

March Madness

It’s a new Month and we are starting to see signs of Spring. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking the appropriate precautions against the coronavirus. I need each of you to stay safe, we need all the goodness we can find in this world.

On a less serious note, here is my monthly request for feedback. I love doing the podcast but at times it feels like I’m in a vacuum. Please email ( or tweet your thoughts on episodes after you listen to them. Please go to what ever podcast player you use to listen to the show and leave a review/rating. On iTunes I currently have 71 ratings and 43 reviews. The last review posted was back in October 2019. I’d love to see my ratings to get to over 100 and over 50 reviews.