January off to a good start!

While it is unfortunate that I was laid off at the start of the year there are several good things happening here in Dallas in January. The Cowboys have a new coach. Chris and I are excited about what Mike McCarthy will be able to do with the team. Linda’s ankle is at 90% and she is back to being mobile. Charlie’s ear is totally healed and he is back to normal (after the great Christmas Day incident). The job search is going well. I am getting a lot of people helping and I’ve had a few interviews.

The other item that is making me feel grateful is the number of people who have reached out to be guests on the podcast. I have several episodes already recorded. I have discussions with Bella, Chris Bloom, Dr. Scott and Noah all recorded. I have talks with Rachel, Ron and Tom all scheduled.

As always, I need more content so if you know of someone who hasn’t shared their story yet, send them my way. Thanks as always for listening.

Job Search Week Two

I finished my 2nd full week of my unplanned sabbatical. It was a pretty good week. I had two phone interviews. One of them lead to the next step which was pre-employment testing. The other lead to an in person interview on Friday.

I think I did OK on the test (the toughest part was the math, with me trying to remember how to do long division). I’ll know the results next week. If I pass the test, they will schedule an inperson interview.

The interview on Friday went well. I have a 2nd interview with the company, this time with the hiring manager coming up this week.

The only other irons I have in the fire (as they say) is a company requesting a phone interview. I’ve applied for another company and one of my contacts (thank you Bruce) knows the CTO and they are reaching out to them to have them review my resume.

It was a good week. Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and kind words. No Retreat, No Surrender, Better Days are ahead.