Change is on the way

This podcast has been part of the Southgate Media Group since its inception. Martha and Rob Southgate have been a wonderful and supportive mentors and owners. They have made the decision to move forward and to disband their podcast network. They are going to be taking on new challenges and I’m excited to see what fun material they are going to produce going forward.

This means that Set Lusting Bruce will become a free agent as of 10/1/21. At this point, I’m not planning on joining another network, unless one reaches out to me and presents a great case on why I should join their team. I’m going to just fund the show myself and keep sharing stories from Springsteen fans.

It does cost money to produce, edit and host the show. If you have ever considered sending a a dollar or two to help support the podcast, now would be great time. Your can read how to support the podcast here –

Sending in $5.00 a month gets you at least one unedited podcast a month and $10.00 a month gets you a Podcast Exclusive Episode. Everyone who signs up to support the podcast (starting at $1.00 a month) gets a handwritten note, a Set Lusting Bruce Sticker and a shout out once a month on the podcast.

And I guess I should throw it out there but if you have a business and would like for your ad to get in front of thousands of Springsteen fans, send me an email or give me a call.

For now, please keep listening, keep sharing the podcast with your friends and keep the faith because these are Better Days.

Upcoming Episodes

I’ve got new episodes coming out featuring Senior Staff Writer Russ Burlingame, Wizard Band leader Steph Anderson,  podcaster Andrew Hickey ( ), writer Asif M Sardar, blogger & writer Michelle Watson, singer Alice Ashcroft and Springsteen historian Arlan Schumer.    I’m also excited to release the first of a series of discussions with Terry Smith where we talk about the new release from the Springsteen archives (we are working on a title for the series). 

Please share the episodes with your friends, families, heck your enemies.  Thank you for everything!