Joyce Millman

In today’s episode Jesse is joined by writer, Pulitzer prize finalist and super Springsteen fan Joyce Millman. They discuss her Springsteen journey, her writings, her first “beatle album” and why Western Stars wasn’t the album she wanted from Bruce at this  time.  It’s a great discussion filled with funny stories and meaningful insight.  Please check out her blog at 

Joyce’s twitter – @joycemillman

Mark Barkan – Pretty Flamingo

Thanks to Ed Rakowski, Jesse had the change to talk to legendary Songwriter Mark Barkan. He write Lesley Gore’s hit She’s a fool, The Tra La La Song from the TV show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (as well as being musical director for the show) and the Manfred Mann hit “Pretty Flamingo” a song often covered by Bruce especially early in his career.   We discuss Mark’s musical journey and his latest project which you can find here  –

SLB Stephen Maiullo

In today’s episode Jesse is joined by Stephen Maiullo.  They discuss Steve’s Springsteen journey, growing up in Boston, they break down several of Bruce’s songs and discuss our thoughts on what was going on with Bruce’s thoughts when writing Brilliant Disguise, Independence Day and other songs.

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SLB Bob Zimmerman

In today’s episode of the Podcast, Bob Zimmerman joins Jesse to share his Springsteen journey.  He shares his love of Nebraska and how it shaped his political thoughts. He also shares the story of attending the rehearsal for the reunion tour and how hearing Land of Hope and Dreams made the show for him. 

Bob’s Twitter @club_cadillac 

Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW

70 for 70 Springsteen Birthday Project

The Set Lusting Bruce’s Birthday Project is coming along.  I have 16 voice mails.  I have another 5 emails that either I will read or find someone else to record for me.  That is 21 out of my goal of 70 different fans sharing their thoughts on Bruce and wishing him a Happy Birthday.  I have a few people who have said they still plan to reach out.  If you are wanting to do this, please call 469-249-2442 and leave a message.  Most people’s message is less than a minute.  They are just saying their name, where they are from a sentence or two about their love of Bruce’s music and the wish him a Happy Birthday.  I would like to have everything in by 9/6/19 to give me a couple of weeks to work on it.   IF you are interested in recording your own message, send it to me as a wav, mp3 or mp4 file and I can add it to the project.  My email address is   I would like this to be in your voice but if you are too shy to share, email me and I will either read it myself or find some other fans to read it for you.   Thank you in advance for your help.   Remember have a little faith, there is magic in the night.

Dan Cooper Part One

Jesse is joined by Dan Cooper and  they discuss passing along sports team loyalty to your children, finding Bruce and how Western Stars reminds him of Nebraska.  Please go check out the show’s new Web Site and our Patreon Page – 

Dan’s twitter – @DJGCoops

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