Listener’s Choices for Mount Rushmore of Rock n’ Roll

As we mentioned on the podcast, we reached out to our listeners about their choices for the Rock n’ Roll Mount Rushmore
Here are the top 5 vote getters for the individual category.
Bruce Springsteen 16
Elvis Presley 9
Bob Dylan 8
Elton John 7
Chuck Berry 6

Here are the top 6 (we had two groups tied for 5th)
Beatles 10
Rolling Stones 7
Beach Boys 4
Led Zeppelin 4
E Street Band 3
Fleetwood Mac 3

The E Street Band would have placed higher but I counted anything that said Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as a vote for Bruce.

Mount Rushmore of Rock n Roll with Dr Scott

In today’s episode, Jesse is joined by return guest Scott Koenig and they discuss who would make their Mount Rushmore of Rock n’ Roll. 

Dr. Scott can be found at @skoenig26, Jesse is @jessejacksondfw and the show is at