Bella Pori Favorite Musical Movies

Bella returns to the podcast to share with Jesse her favorite five musical movies as well as social justice charities that tie into those movies.  Jesse shares his five favorite musical movies as well.

Black Girls Smile, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging positive mental health education, resources and support geared toward young Black girls,
GLITS NYC, a non-profit working on securing stable housing for transgender women in New York. Find them at
Jews For Racial and Economic Justice at and

Four Years ago Dale Hosack joins me on the podcast

Four years ago, I had my first visit with Dale Hosack. Dale has been on the podcast many times since. Linda and I were able to meet him, his lovely bride Jo, Jeff and Nancy Calaway for dinner one night (back when we could meet for dinner). He is a great guy and I look forward to having him back on the podcast soon.