Laura – Songs of your life

Laura joins Jesse for a 3rd visit and this time she answers the questions that make up the songs of your life!  

Song I hate (I don’t get)                                                 

Song that I think is overrated                                       

Song that is under appreciated                                   

Song that I love                                                               

Song that you can listen to over and over again     

Song that made me fall in love with Bruce               

Song that changed my life                                           

Song that surprised me                                                 

Song that is a Guilty Pleasure                                       

Song I wish I had seen live                                           

Great Song to see live                                           

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Health Update May 2021

Before Jesse headed to surgery, he sat down with Terry Smith to share a little behind the scenes of what’s going on with him health wise.  To follow future updates go to Carring Bride  and to support the show financially go to his Go Fund Me campaign.