Jeff Fraum and Sarah Marcus

Jeff Fraum and Sarah Marcus are both long time Springsteen fans.  They join me today to share their story including how Jeff missed many early concerts and how their Springsteen fandom helped them to become a couple.

Sarah’s Twitter @sarahmarcus_cgo

Jeff’s Twitter @jeffrey_Fraum

Jerry David DeCicca

Jerry David DeCicca is a singer-songwriter, a founder member of the indie band The Black Swans, and a passionate Springsteen fan.   His new solo album, The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures, comes out 10/16/20.  He joins Jesse to share his musical journey and to talk about Bruce’s influence on his music.

Twitter – @blackswansband

Songs of your life – Tim Arnold

Eleven Questions about Springsteen songs but you can only use each song only once – this time it’s Tim’s turn on the hot seat.

1.     Song I hate

2.      Song that I think is overrated

3.      Song that is underappreciated

4.      Song that I love

5.      Song that you can listen to over and over again

6.      Song that made me fall in love with Bruce

7.      Song that changed my life

8.      Song that surprised me

9.      song that is a Guilty Pleasure

10.   Song I wish I had seen live

11.   Great Song to see live