Set Lusting Bruce Guests

If you found the website and the podcast because of our special Springsteen 70th Birthday Episode, welcome. I hope you enjoyed hearing so many fans share their messages to Bruce. Please check out a couple of other episodes and let me know what you think. I want to also give an invitation to any Bruce Springsteen fan to join me on the podcast to share your Springsteen story. I believe every Springsteen fan has a story and it is my job to capture as many as possible for the podcast. Reach out to me here or send an email to

Bruce Springsteen 70th Birthday Line Up

Tomorrow, the Bruce Springsteen Birthday Episode will come out. As a preview, here is a list of the contributors, the country and if they are from a podcast/blog.

Jamie BernsteinUSA
Joyce MillmamUSA
David RosenUSAPiecing it Together
Rita HudsonUSA
Jimmy AquinoUSAComic News Insider
Phil PerichUSACapes and Lunatics
Rob GiffordUSA
Terry SmithScotlandMusic Talks
Tom McCormickIreland
Molly SouthgateUSARead between the Lines
Charles SkaggsUSANext Stop Everywhere
Janice ShusterUSA
Sean and MattUSASpringsteen for Springsteen
Jason ArmstrongUSA
Rob SouthgateUSANew Media Lab
Steve USA
Madison aka Prom GirlUSA
JohnUSAPassinately Podcast
Timothy ArnoldUSA
Outlaw Pete & LauraUSA
Martha SouthgateUSA Orange is the new black
Lisa KohnUSA
Jason HarrisUSAawesome movie year
Howie and JulieUSA
PeteUSABlogness on the Edge of town
DonnaUSABruce Funds
ChrisSouth Africa
Dale USA
JackieSouth Africa
Jeannie FinoUSA
Anton USA
Christine, Hanni, Marie-Jose, SanneIsrael
Susan HamptonUSA
Kathy USA
Junior, Bob, ScottUSAHow Many Podcast
Jack and MichaelUSAJack Billingsley Presents
Barbara QuinnUSA
Ruth BradleyEngland

Picking 70 Springsteen Songs that I love

In honor of Bruce’s 70th birthday, I’ve seen several people posting their list of their favorite 70 Springsteen songs. Anytime you pick songs, it is going to be controversial. People will say “I can’t believe you included BLANK and left out BLANK.” The reality is that everyone has a different ear when listening to any artist and Bruce is no different. Here is my list, what would make you top 70? Email me at and let me know.

10th Avenue Freeze Out
Ain’t Good Enough for You
All that Heaven will allow
American Land
Atlantic City
Back in your arms
Better Days
Bobby Jean
Born to Run
Brillant Disguise
Cadillac Ranch
County Fair
Dancing in the Dark
Death to my Hometown
Devil’s and Dust
Dream Baby Dream
Drive all Night
For You
Frankie fell in Love
Girls in their Summer Clothes
Glory Days
Growing up
Hello Sunshine
Highway Patrolman
Hungry Heart
If I should fall behind
I’ll work for your love
Independence Day
Jack of all Trades
Jesus was an only son
Jole Blon
Just like the Fire would
Land of Hope and Dreams
Linda Let me Be the One
Lion’s Den
Living Proof
Maria’s Bed
Mary’s Place
meet me in the city
My City of Ruins
My Love will not let you down
No Surrender
One Step Up
Out in the Streets
Pay me my money down
Racing in the Streets
Radio Nowhere
Rocky Ground
Shackled and Drawn
Sherry Darling
Sleepy Joe’s Café
The Promise
The Promised Land
The Rising
The Wall
The Wish
This is your sword
Thunder Road
Tougher than the Rest
Tuscon Train
Waiting on a Sunny Day
We are alive
We take care of our own
Where the Bands Are
Wrecking Ball

Birthday Podcast Update

We are less than a week away from Bruce’s 70th birthday. I’m in the process of putting together all the different voice mails from fans. Fans who sent in emails will get to join the fun thanks to Phil, Martha and Molly, for reading the emails and sending me the recordings. I have been asking on social media for people to send in their last minute voice mails. I think by the time I publish this on Monday, we will have at least 70 different fans wishing Bruce the happiest of birthdays. It is not to late to be part of the celebration, call 469-249-2442 and leave your name, where you are from and a message for Bruce.

Four More Years? You bet!

September 8th was the 4th anniversary of the very first Set Lusting Bruce episode.   To celebrate the podcast becoming a toddler, I thought I would share the origin story for those of you who may not of heard it. 

At the time, Southgate Media Group had a show called 80’s Remix Overdrive.   The Dave White, invited me to join him to pick my top 3 albums of the 80’s.  As I was making my choices, I realized that I could have picked all Springsteen albums if I wanted to do so.  I didn’t because I gave myself the rule that you could only pick one album from one artist.    Here is that podcast.

Then a little bit later, I got Tony Ginger and Colleen McNamara to join me to discuss all of Bruce’s albums released in the 80’s.   Here is that podcast.

I also made one other Springsteen appearance on Dave’s channel.

The two podcasts where I talked Bruce’s music was a lot of fun.  Tony Ginger and Colleen McNamara were full of stories and insights that I thought I might have something.  Then I saw Springsteen and I which showed me that Springsteen fans all had stories.    The last influence was Lynette Corolla.  She had started a podcast called 10th Avenue Podcast where she talked to other celebrity Springsteen fans.   She has stopped doing the podcast.   In the spirit of light a candle instead of curse the darkness, I asked Rob Southgate, my podcast leader if it was OK for me to so a Springsteen themed podcast and the rest they say is a trip down Thunder Road.   

Four years later, the show has had over 400 episodes.  We have talked from fans around the world.  We have talked to Bloggers, writers, book authors, musicians and fellow podcasters.  We have featured people who have seen Bruce 100’s of times and others who have never seen him perform live.   My hope is that each podcast offers a little bit of hope, some laughter, some insight and a lot of love. 

Remember to have a little faith, there is magic in the night, we are pulling out of here to win.

What is the turnaround time on a podcast?

Even though the podcast may not sound like it always, there is a lot of work put into scheduling, recording, editing and publishing an episode. The first step is working with my guest on a convenient time for both of us to record. I try to only record one night a week to make sure that Linda (Mrs. Set Lusting Bruce) doesn’t worry about me getting overwhelmed. Currently I try to record on Monday nights but that can change depending on a guest’s schedule. If the guest is overseas, we almost always record on a weekend either my morning/their afternoon or vice versa.

When we have a recording time scheduled. We have a conversation normally over Skype. I have a Skype number that allows anyone in the USA to call me from any phone and I can make outbound calls to any phone. Overseas, we use our Skype accounts.

A normal conversation is about an hour. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. I try to use all the recording even if we go off topic, I think the conversation is normally interesting and so far no one has complained.

Once the recording is finished. It stays on my computer hard drive till the week or so before it is going to be published. I used to only have one or at the most two episode in the can waiting to be published. I’ve been lucky enough lately to have 4 or 5 episodes recorded waiting to be released. That is why it can be up to a month delay from when we record till it is published. I always worry that I will run out of people who want to talk to me and I’ll have a week where I have no new episode to release.

I do very little editing (as you can probably tell with all the “uhs” and “so” as well as “you knows.” To go through an hour podcast and clean up all the vocal tics could take 2 or more hours. I made the decision early in the life of the podcast that I would be “live to tape” as much as possible and rely on the kindness of my listeners. My guest and I usually talk before I count down to the start and often after we say good-bye, we continue talking. One of the levels of the Patreon page gets you an unedited episode at least once a month where you can hear the pre and post show conversation.

I then add the intro and outro music. I think pick one of my promo blurbs that different people have recorded for me to finish up the editing.

I save it as an mp3 and then upload it to the web service we use to distribute the podcast.

The current turnaround from recording to release is about 4 to 6 weeks.

Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit of the behind the scenes process of building the podcast.

Welcome to the Set Lusting Bruce Website

I’ve joined the 90’s and the podcast will now have a website.  Don’t know for sure what it will become but the longest journey starts with one step. I’ve had a very kind Bruce Bud offer to help me design the page and I’m playing with the options. Please go over to the “Contact me” page and tell me what you would like to see on the website.