Out of Pocket Update

It is always a debate for me on how much to share with my audience. I tend to be very open about me and my life. However sometimes I think I might overshare. In this case, I’m going to find a middle ground. I ended up going into the Hospital for a few days starting on Wednesday. I ended up being very anemic. They are still looking for the cause. For sure I have a 5 centimeter mass in my stomach that will need to be removed. We are waiting on the biopsy report. For now, I feel much better (it’s amazing what given a pint of blood will do for you if you are anemic.) As I learn more, I’ll share more. For now thanks for the well wishes and support.

Winterstorm 2021 Update

We are starting to thaw out. Chris was without power at his place so he and Charlie have been at the house since Tuesday night. We didn’t lose power or internet but more than half my team has been trying to work from home & not having any luck due to no power or no internet. Luckily everyone has been OK staying warm by going to friends/family houses. Today’s high will be 37 which should help and tomorrow their will be sunshine (a high of 47) and all this darkness will pass. A few photos.

Disappointing News

The lack of scandal in Springsteen’s life has been a topic we have touched on at times on the podcast. Having a DWI certainly counts as a scandal in his life. Thank goodness he didn’t hurt himself or someone else. I know to many driving while impaired is unforgivable, and for those who lost someone to a drunk driving incident, I understand that anger. I have had people in my life that made that mistake and they have moved on.

I’m sad about the news. It is hard to read negative things about someone whose work has meant so much to you. My hope is if Bruce has an issue that he addressed it and gets the help he needs.

Happy New Year

It’s almost the end of the year and like most of us, I’m ready to say good-bye to 2020.  Too many of us have lost way too many people this year.  COVID-19 has been a challenge that has taken so much from us.   In this post, I’m going to focus on the positive parts of the year.

We got a new Springsteen album.  We got a new President and Vice-President elect and we got one of the best Cameos ever in a Super-Hero film (looking at you with gratitude Wonder Woman 1984).   Like many of us, we watched a lot of TV.   My top ten shows that I’ve seen at home this year – (and I know I’m leaving off so many other shows)

The Queens Gambit

Ted Lasso

Letter to You documentary


Wonder Woman 1984


Trial of the Chicago 7

Zoey’s Extraordinary Play List

Star Trek Below Decks

The Mandalorian

This year the podcast celebrated its 5th anniversary.   Over the years, there have been a lot of episodes released.

Year       episodes

2015       30          

2016       107        

2017       78          

2018       85          

2019       183        

2020       162        

Total      645        

Thank you to all my guests. The show literally would not exist without you.   No one would listen to me talking to myself.

Coming up in 2021, I have episodes featuring Bud McLaughlin, Joni-Jean Crivello, Chris Nierling, Tod Goldberg & Cliff Reeve.  I’m booking episodes in February & March so if you have a friend who needs to join me, reach out to us both and let’s make this happen.

I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season.  The Christmas season is a time for hope, happiness and good cheer.   I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday and that the new Year will bring success, good health and happiness to you and to all you love.

I’ll see you in my dreams.


Holiday Extravaganza

It’s been a great celebration week at work. We had name that holiday tune, snowball shake, cookie decoration contest and a candy cane toss. Each day we had a dress up theme, PJ day, Christmas sock & hat day, winter warm up, favorite Holiday Character & today Christmas Sweater day.

We have dozens of gifts to give away, both by our “Punch-a-Bunch” game as well as drawings. We’ve done this while wearing our masks and remaining socially distant. I hope you holiday celebrations are fun, successful and safe.