Bruce Springsteen over the past few years.

There is a twitter user that keeps complaining that Bruce is not doing anything. Here is what the posted –

Folks? Does anyone wonder why Springsteen isn’t doin anything? Paul is touring, released like 5 box sets the past few years, a book, new albums. And all we get is no nukes? What gives? When are we ever getting anything?!

Here was my answer

June 2019 – February 2022  2 years and 8 months

In less that 3 years, Bruce has done the following

Released two studio albums –

               Western Stars

               Letter to You

Stared in two films

               Western Stars

               Letter to you

Released a film soundtrack

               Western Stars

Performed on Saturday Night Live

Appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for the first time.

Released an 8 part podcast with President Barack Obama

A book based on the podcast was released

Appeared on tracks with Bleacher, John Mellencamp, Killers

Springsteen on Broadway returned for a limited run

Live Performances

I’ll see you in my Dreams at the Memoria for the victims of the 9/11 attacks

Two songs with the Drop Kick Murphy’s during the Pandemic (9 million viewers raised 700K for charities)

Played 4 songs for the John Henry’s Friends benefit concert

Sold his music library for 500 million

I don’t know what the hell this so called “number one fan” wants from a 72 year old musical artist but I think they have unrealistic expectations.

“I am” books

One of my favorite book series is from Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos. They have done a series of books geared for young readers (but we adults love them as well). They take real live heroes and share their stories, often focused on what they did as children. They have had books on Martin Luther King, Billie Jean King, Neil Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Walt Disney and Anne Frank to name just a few. The latest two are about Malafa Yousafzai and Muhammad Ali. Coming up they are going to release a series of books based on DC characters, which is very exciting. These books make great gifts for yourself or the children in your life. I promise you they are amazing.

Another year, another disappointment

When the Dallas Cowboys were starting the season off with a six game winning streak, we fans dared to think that “this year is different.” Turns out it is the same ole song, SSDD. Better Days reminds us to enjoy the journey. So I will be happy that for 17 weeks, Chris, Linda & I enjoyed watching the Boys play a fun game. We got to cheer some great plays and curse at some lousy plays. We had some good food and lots of laughter.

Now we turn to the off season where Dallas has lots of challenges. The good news is that we will be back this summer when training camp starts. Remember it’s Jerry’s fault!

My Favorite 90’s Cowboys Game

It’s playoff week here in Dallas and on Sunday the Dallas Cowboys will host the San Francisco 49’ers.

For fun, I’m going to share a few memories of Cowboys/49’ers games. 

On January 15, 1995 the Dallas Cowboys went to Candlestick Park to pay the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.  Dallas had a tough year, with Jerry and Jimmy parting ways, Barry Switzer had been hired to coach the two time Superbowl Champs.  The ‘boys were going for a 3rd Superbowl appearance. 

The field was a mess and due to mistakes by the triplets (Troy, Emmitt and Michael) the Cowboys were down 21 points in the first quarter.  Chris was going to be 4 years old in February that year so he was very young.  After the Cowboys were down by 3 touchdowns, he started crying.  In his young life, he had only seen the Cowboys paying great.  Linda looked at me and said (with a lot of anger) “This your fault!”  I hugged my young son and explained to him that it was going to be OK.  I shared him the 1 – 15 season that Jimmy Johnson had his first year of coaching.  That we still had a chance to win but even if we didn’t it was OK because the Cowboys were our team.   Little did we know that over 20 years later, that young boy would become a young man that still emotionally lives and dies each Sunday with the Cowboys.   It’s all great when they win, all is horrible when they lose.  

On a side note, I always say that my favorite game of the 90’s Cowboys was that game.  Troy Aikman says the same thing.  To watch that team get behind by 3 touchdowns and to continue to try and fight back was inspiring and Deon did interfere with Michael on that 4th quarter play.  I also blame the Double star jerseys

Sunday the rivalry returns.  Dallas – San Francisco, it should be special.

Danny Boy and The Catch?

It’s playoff week here in Dallas and on Sunday the Dallas Cowboys will host the San Francisco 49’ers.

For fun, I’m going to share a few memories of Cowboys/49’ers games this week.

When Chris was about 12, we were visiting New Orleans and we had gone to Danny O’Flaherty Irish Pub.  The concert room was open to all ages, so we were able to bring him in.  Linda got to drink a dark Guinness on Draft, Chris and I sodas and we got to hear some amazing music. We visited O’Flaherty ever time we went to New Orleans.   One night someone in the crowd asked Danny to play Danny Boy.  Danny explained clamly but with passion that Danny Boy is not a true Irish Ballad.  It is a ballad written by an English Songwriter Frederic Weatherly and set to the traditional Irish melody of “Londonderry Air.”   Danny didn’t mind English songwriters (me specifically mentioned Lennon and McCartney) but he said what bothered him was people saying it was an Irish song.   He said that that the untruth had been told so often that most people believe it was the truth, that Danny Boy was an old school Irish ballad.

Chris reached over to me and whispered “That is like all the people who say that Joe Montana wasn’t just trying to throw the ball away on ‘the catch.’   We all know that Dwight Clark just got lucky and caught that ball, when Joe was trying to just throw it out of bounds.”   I started laughing which lead to Linda giving both of us a dirty look.  

That’s my boy.

Playoffs Baby!

Dallas Cowboys Baby!

The Dallas Cowboys ended up the season with a 12 – 5 record. I had predicted a 10 – 7 record so the guys surprised me. It was a season filled with several ups and downs. The Cowboys beat several bad teams, did not win a lot of games against good teams so what do we think they are going to do in the playoffs.

My prediction (and coming up on the How Many Podcast, we will discuss this in detail) is that the Cowboys will beat the 49’ers, then play the LA Rams and beat them and then lose the NFC Championship game at Green Bay. This is just a pick from my heart not my head.

On the AFC side, Kansas City will go back to the Superbowl and they will lose to Green Bay.

Here is hoping that Dallas figure out a way to capture lighting in a bottle and gets to the Superbowl but we will see.

Ill Wind?

The Dallas Cowboys hosted the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at Jerry World and they did not do a great deal to make us fans feel confident about a deep playoff run.

While only losing by 3 points (Greg the non-leg did miss a field goal) the Cowboys did not look good. The defense wasn’t as intense and after a great game against a horrible WFT, the offense looked lifeless and uninspired again.

One more game against the dreaded and feared Philadelphia Eagles. Win or lose, I don’t think our playoff position will change. In all likeliness we will be the 4th seed and will host a playoff game. If we win that one, we go on the road. I’m still hoping for a trip to the NFC Championship game but I’m nervous.

Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys – December Edition

The Dallas Cowboys have gone through the month of December, winning every game. The latest game against the Washington Football Team was their most complete game of the season. In a dominate game from all 3 phases of the game, Cowboys ended December with a 56 -14 win over their long time rivals.

Currently the Team has the number two seed in the playoffs. If they can hang on to that seed, the will get a home playoff game and if they win that game, the 2nd round of the playoffs will be at Jerry World as well.

For the 2nd time ever, a QB threw a TD pass to a Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End and Offensive Lineman (?). that is a crazy stat. So is that 19 different players have scored a Touchdown this season.

The Cowboys had gone 31 days since playing at home and it looks like they missed the Death Star. They have at least 3 more home games this season. Playing Arizona and Philly to finish the season and then a home playoff game.

What’s next? We Cowboy fans can hope for the best!

Charlie and Grandpa watching game

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season.  If you celebrate, here is hoping your Christmas is filled with lots of great food, loud laughter and a full stocking!  If you aren’t a Christmas person, then just enjoy the end of the year.  

It’s been a crazy year across the world but from a Podcast Perspective, it’s been a great year.  AS of this date (12/22/21) I have published 164 episodes.  I think I might be able to release a couple more before the end of the year.   I did hit 800 episodes this month.   A pretty major milestone for anyone.  

I have about 8 episodes prerecorded for 2022.  I’m going to try and slow down a little bit and try to do only one new episode a week for a while.   I’ll probably release an older episode on Thursdays since iTunes only shows your past 100 episodes.    

I’m so grateful for the support each of you have given to me and the podcast.  Thank you for the kind words and love.

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