Job Search 2020 Update!

I was given a verbal offer on Friday and on Tuesday (1/28/20), I was sent the official offer letter. Pending drug test and background check (which won’t be a problem) I will be the new Contact Center Director for Coach-Net starting on February 10th. This is a great company with an outstanding team. There are so many wonderful things about the role and I’m excited about the new challenge. One of the nicest things about the new gig, it’s less than 3 miles from my house! Everyone, please know that I appreciate your kind words, good thoughts, and encouragement. The new year may have started off rocky but it is quickly shaping up to be a great one. Now we just need to hear about a new album and tour dates! #jobsearch2020

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. You made this latest bump in the road much easier because of your love and support.

January off to a good start!

While it is unfortunate that I was laid off at the start of the year there are several good things happening here in Dallas in January. The Cowboys have a new coach. Chris and I are excited about what Mike McCarthy will be able to do with the team. Linda’s ankle is at 90% and she is back to being mobile. Charlie’s ear is totally healed and he is back to normal (after the great Christmas Day incident). The job search is going well. I am getting a lot of people helping and I’ve had a few interviews.

The other item that is making me feel grateful is the number of people who have reached out to be guests on the podcast. I have several episodes already recorded. I have discussions with Bella, Chris Bloom, Dr. Scott and Noah all recorded. I have talks with Rachel, Ron and Tom all scheduled.

As always, I need more content so if you know of someone who hasn’t shared their story yet, send them my way. Thanks as always for listening.