Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas @sherryt1970 is a writer, a podcaster and a wonderful @springsteenfan, she joins Jesse @jessejacksondfw to discuss @stevievanzandt #unrequitedinfatuations and her love of Clarence @clarenceclemons

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Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys – December Edition

The Dallas Cowboys have gone through the month of December, winning every game. The latest game against the Washington Football Team was their most complete game of the season. In a dominate game from all 3 phases of the game, Cowboys ended December with a 56 -14 win over their long time rivals.

Currently the Team has the number two seed in the playoffs. If they can hang on to that seed, the will get a home playoff game and if they win that game, the 2nd round of the playoffs will be at Jerry World as well.

For the 2nd time ever, a QB threw a TD pass to a Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End and Offensive Lineman (?). that is a crazy stat. So is that 19 different players have scored a Touchdown this season.

The Cowboys had gone 31 days since playing at home and it looks like they missed the Death Star. They have at least 3 more home games this season. Playing Arizona and Philly to finish the season and then a home playoff game.

What’s next? We Cowboy fans can hope for the best!

Charlie and Grandpa watching game

Simon Ryde

Simon Ryde is a traveling man, made a lot of stops all over this land.  In today’s episode he calls in from Spain sharing stories about his travels, hitch hiking to gigs and of course the Mary Question.

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Christmas 2021

Today is the day we celebrate a special birth. However the spirit of the season is for everyone, no matter your faith or spiritual beliefs. Faith, Hope, Love and the greatest of these is love. In 2022, I’m going to do my best to remember that before I judge others.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that today your food was good, the presents were wonderful and that you were with people you love and that love you. If you were along, please know that you are loved and you are important. Be strong, be confident and we will get through this together.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season.  If you celebrate, here is hoping your Christmas is filled with lots of great food, loud laughter and a full stocking!  If you aren’t a Christmas person, then just enjoy the end of the year.  

It’s been a crazy year across the world but from a Podcast Perspective, it’s been a great year.  AS of this date (12/22/21) I have published 164 episodes.  I think I might be able to release a couple more before the end of the year.   I did hit 800 episodes this month.   A pretty major milestone for anyone.  

I have about 8 episodes prerecorded for 2022.  I’m going to try and slow down a little bit and try to do only one new episode a week for a while.   I’ll probably release an older episode on Thursdays since iTunes only shows your past 100 episodes.    

I’m so grateful for the support each of you have given to me and the podcast.  Thank you for the kind words and love.

“The 1979 Legendary No Nukes Concerts” Review

Terry Smith @musictalks and Jesse @jessejacksonDFW meet up and talk about the latest release from Bruce Springsteen.  They talk the good and the bad about this release of “The 1979 Legendary No Nukes Concerts.”  Spoilers, we find very, very, very little bad about this Film!

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