Pet Sounds

I’ve often said that if Pet Sounds isn’t my favorite album, it’s in the discussion.  Hearing the Los Rios Rock School perform it, just makes me love the album even more.   Please check out the link and be ready to feel the love from Brian, the boys and the power of their music.

Booking guests for July

I try to schedule my recording sessions a few weeks in advance.  I have enough episodes in the bank or scheduled to be recorded to get me through July (longer if I go to one episode a week).  I am looking for people to join me starting the week of 7/5 and on.   If you have friends who haven’t been on the show, please reach out to them and see if they would be interested.   As always thanks for your support.   You know I love you!

SLB Dan Kois – Glory Days

Dan is a writer for Slate Magazine. He recently shared some thoughts on the lyrics of Glory Days and how they might need a bit of tweaking.  He explains and shares his thoughts in today’ episode.  

Dan’s Twitter – @dankois

Jesse’s Twitter – @jessejacksonDFW