Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News

So it begins…

We have a new Doctor. BBC had announced that Ncuti Gatwa is the new Doctor for the iconic series Doctor Who. Each time a new Doctor is announced, I’m excited. Thanks for Ken Schaefer and Charles Skaggs, I because a fan at the end of the David Tennant era. Since then I’ve seen then announce several new Doctors and each time I didn’t know the actor but was excited to see what they would bring to the role. That is the case today. I have never seen anything that Ncuti Gatwa has been in. I go into his role as The Doctor with an open mind and an open heart. I know that I will love him and his companions. Luckily, we have one final adventure with Jodie Whittaker left to watch. I will miss the 13th Doctor but I find great joy that as things change, they remain the same. Long Live The Doctor

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