Bruce Springsteen over the past few years.

There is a twitter user that keeps complaining that Bruce is not doing anything. Here is what the posted –

Folks? Does anyone wonder why Springsteen isn’t doin anything? Paul is touring, released like 5 box sets the past few years, a book, new albums. And all we get is no nukes? What gives? When are we ever getting anything?!

Here was my answer

June 2019 – February 2022  2 years and 8 months

In less that 3 years, Bruce has done the following

Released two studio albums –

               Western Stars

               Letter to You

Stared in two films

               Western Stars

               Letter to you

Released a film soundtrack

               Western Stars

Performed on Saturday Night Live

Appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for the first time.

Released an 8 part podcast with President Barack Obama

A book based on the podcast was released

Appeared on tracks with Bleacher, John Mellencamp, Killers

Springsteen on Broadway returned for a limited run

Live Performances

I’ll see you in my Dreams at the Memoria for the victims of the 9/11 attacks

Two songs with the Drop Kick Murphy’s during the Pandemic (9 million viewers raised 700K for charities)

Played 4 songs for the John Henry’s Friends benefit concert

Sold his music library for 500 million

I don’t know what the hell this so called “number one fan” wants from a 72 year old musical artist but I think they have unrealistic expectations.

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