Six Months post Surgery

Last week was my 6th month check up.  When Linda & I went to the Dietitian for the first time a month after my surgery, the goals the gave me was 276 pounds at 6 months and at a year, 239 pounds.  During the visit when they recalculated the target weights, the numbers were different. They wanted me to be at 257 pounds at 6 months and at a year 206.

So based on our first meeting, I hit my numbers, with these new numbers, I’m 17 pounds heavier then I should be.   I personally can’t see me hitting 206 but who knows.

The good news is that I am still doing well. I have very little stomach issues. I am gaining more energy (still pretty anemic but I’m seeing a Hematologist for that issue). Linda & Chris are planning to get me clothes for Christmas (50 inch waist with a 28 inch inseam, a 3X in polos & t-shirts and a 20″ neck size for dress shirts if you are wondering).

I’ll continue to keep everyone posted. Thank you for the support and well wishes! I appreciate each of you so much!

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