Now that’s more like it!

Sunday the Atlanta Falcons headed to Jerry World aka The Death Star aka AT&T Stadium and it was not a good day for them. The Dallas Cowboys played like they were pissed at the world and themselves for the horrible game they played against the Broncos. The team scored 43 points including a team record of 29 points in the 2nd quarter. Dak looked like a man looking to prove something and went 24/31 for 2 TD’s in 3 quarters of play. Pollard & Zek combined for only 83 yards but Elliott scored twice. The only people unhappy with the receiving core are Fantasy Football owners who wish that one specific receiver would get more passes and scores. Lamb, Pollard, Cooper and Gallup all had multiple receptions. Micah Parsons continues to show that he should be in the discussion for Rookie of the Year, with 1 sack. Our defensive backs all got a pick!

It was just a wonderful game and we go into Kansas City next week. This will be a crucial test for the boys next week. Chris Jackson and I will be in front of the screen ready to cheer on the boys.

I’ve talked about game day on the podcast and how Chris sets up the house. Here is what the house looked like yesterday.

The Cowboy CD that is played before every game

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