Top Ten 2021 Episodes (Year to Date)

So far this year I’ve had over 30,000 downloads of the podcast. Thank you so much for listening. This might change over the next two months but currently the top 10 episodes I’ve released this year are the following –

Title Released Date
Heather Allansdottir 2/15/2021
The Middle Thoughts on Springsteen Superbowl Ad 2/7/2021
Colleen and Adele – Springsteen Friendship Episode 2 3/3/2021
Camille Conte 2/20/2021
Scott and Scott – Springsteen Friendship Episode 4 3/4/2021
Tod Goldberg 1/16/2021
Suzanne Lovett 2/16/2021
Talking Archives episode 5 2/15/2021
Ryan, Jeff and Levi Springsteen Friendship episode 1 2/28/2021
Rachel Berc Returns! 8/3/2021

What are some of your favorite Episodes?

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