Giving Set Lusting Bruce (and other podcasts some love)

Podcast Review Day: the podcast matchmaking event, newsletter & community

WHAT: On the 8th of every month we hold a social media podcast listener participation day called Podcast Review Day, #PodRevDay.

GOAL: To write podlove letters to Podcasters about their podcasts in the form of online podcast reviews, of course.

WHY: Because Podcasters work their butts off and deserve to know how much they’ve impacted your lives.

How to Participate in the #podrevday event on the 8th?

Step 1:
Write a podcast review anywhere (Podchaser, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, etc). Podchaser is my favorite place, here is why:

Step 2:
Share the review link OR screenshot in a social media post with #podrevday AND don’t forget to tag the Podcaster(s) so they know the podlove is coming their way.

Step 3:
READ reviews on the #podrevday stream all day and find some new podcasts to listen to. Like, comment and share #podrevday posts that you find helpful.

Step 4:
Mark your calendar for the 8th of the next month. We do this 12 times a year cause it is important….and fun!

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