Top Ten Episodes (based on downloads)

We are almost at the end of the month and this month we are up just a little bit compared to last month. Usually the summer has fewer downloads than normal. Overall the podcast is doing well, what I find interesting is the number of downloads that past episodes get each month. My thought is that people find the podcast and then try to review older episodes.Here is my top 10 episodes based on downloads.

Episode Name Date Released Downloads

Episode 161 Peter: Human Touch Lucky Town 5/6/2018 1249

Letter to You – Initial thoughts 9/12/2020 828

Matt McGee SLB 6/27/2020 618

Mark Hornok 9/12/2020 604

Western Stars 6/18/2019 601

Skattershooting: E Street Band fandom 1/9/2019 585

Bruce Springsteen 70th Birthday Celebration 9/22/2019 572

David Porter 8/8/2018 563

Episode 159 Rob Magic 4/24/2018 551

Top 5 Opening Tracks 1/15/2019 530

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