Levi Petree a song for me?


Here is the story of this video straight from the originator Ian Braisby…

Hi Jesse

I hope you are doing OK on your recovery journey. Keep thinking about
you and sending positive thoughts your way.

So in his last Music Talks episode, Terry played Better Days and
dedicated it to you, which I thought was really moving.  I got to
thinking about the Bruce songs that help inspire us through hard times
and was especially thinking about No Surrender. The idea came to me
while making breakfast one day last week for an alternative final verse
especially for your current struggle. I got the words down OK, but
really thought you have enough to deal with at the moment without being
subjected to my playing and singing. So I contacted Terry and asked him
whether one of his more musically inclined guests might be prepared to
do something. He reached out to Levi and he went above and beyond.

So this is from us to you – the first part of the lyrics are what I
wrote for you, the second part is Levi’s, the performance all his and
the whole thing was facilitated by the John Landau of Edinburgh, Mr
Terry Smith.

I hope it will help you give you strength on the dark days.


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