Exercise Goals

In my last appointment the dietitian asked me for my exercise goals post surgery. The thought is that I am going to lose a lot of weight over the next year post surgery possibly even 100 pounds. She wanted to know if I had any goals. I looked over at Linda and said if you’re asking me in front of my lovely bride my number one goal is to be able to go on a nature walk with her. Maybe ride horses or go camping, without the weight I should not get as winded and will enjoy walking more.

I then looked at the dietitian and said if Linda isn’t here, my goal Is to attend a Springsteen concert in the pit because I’ve never had the stamina to queue For the lottery and then stand for the hours before the show much less the three hours of the show. When Bruce tours again and I can be in the pit and be comfortable and not have my back ache and my legs feel horrible, that would be a good thing. Nature walk with Linda will be lovely, standing for a full Springsteen show in the bit, priceless.

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