Health Update

Hello, my friends,

I’ve not talked about this on the podcast and I’m still debating on if I will bring this up. I’ve been diagnosed with stomach cancer. That’s right, cancer again!

The 5 cm mass is in my stomach and I will need surgery to have it removed. The plan is to have it removed in about 2 or 3 weeks. Because of the location of the mass, I will need to have part of my stomach removed and they will need to do a gastric bypass. So I’m attending a crash course of nutrition and counseling over the next few weeks to get me ready for post-surgery.

The good news is that they don’t think I will need chemo and if I do it will be an oral pill, not the infusion I received last time. The other good news is that this should lead me to lose weight (which is a good thing).

My company has been very supportive and has allowed me to work from home. Once I go on short-term disability, I will be at 40% of my salary so we will have a tough month but we have some savings so we will be OK

I have about 10 episodes of the podcast prerecorded so I won’t need to miss any episodes. Once I’m post-surgery, I’ll start recording new episodes. I did hear from Lynette Corolla who was one of my inspirations for the podcast and she said she would love to join me to talk about her Springsteen story.

For now, I’m asking for any good thoughts you have to send them my way. Linda has been a trooper but I know this will be hard on her. Thank you for your support and love, it means the world to me.

One thought on “Health Update”

  1. Dear Jesse.
    You have so many people who love you. Me being one of your biggest fans.. you WILL get through this and if I can do anything, remember I’m a call away
    With love,
    Doris Porcelli.


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