Happy Strange Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2011 at Meme’s House

It’s the start of the holiday season.  A holiday season like none of us has seen in our lifetime.  We’ve already seen changes in how we dine in restaurants, attend sports events, concerts and so many other activities.

The CDC is recommending that people not travel this season and to limit Thanksgiving gatherings to small groups in your normal group of family/friends you interact with on a regular basis.   Somehow the recommendation to help us remain safe has been come that somehow the Government is trying to take away Thanksgiving.  That is crazy.  If you want to ignore medical advice and have a big gathering, that is your choice.  I don’t understand how somehow being safe and taking precautions to protect those you love and yourself, has become political.    I don’t care if you voted Republican or Democrat or something else, I want each of you to be safe.  It sucks that we won’t have a big house full of people eating good food, drinking cold beverages & watching the Dallas Cowboys lose on Thursday (OK, they might win but based on what I’ve seen this season….).   However being safe this year, hopefully means that in the years ahead we will have many more chances to celebrate together.

For now, please be safe, remember to socially distance, wash your hands, wear a mask and if you don’t want to do any of those things, it is your right.  You have the right to choose what you want to do with your body (for now at least).  So please do what you think is best for you and those you love.    Love to all and please have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and for those of you not in the US, a wonderful weekend).

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