Happy November

Last November, I did a series of Gratitude Posts as part of the National Podcast Month, the challenge was to post a new episode for every day of November. Since I just posted 25 episodes in September, I decided to pass on that challenge this year. Not that I’m not grateful, I am, just not ready to do another round of multiple episodes per week.

That said, I start off November with 5 episodes this week. On Monday, we have Alice Ashcroft returning to the show to promote her new single. Alice is an amazing musician and I hope you check out her music. Tuesday, Terry Smith and I do a triple episode, we discuss Letter to you as well as the latest two archival shows from Bruce. Wednesday, Maureen Van Zandt returns to the show and talks about her thoughts on Letter to You, as well as some stories from early in the career of Bruce and Steven. We also talk a little politics so be warned. Thursday is an interview with filmmaker Crystal Vasquez. She has released a documentary about Mike Rhyner a member of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. If you are a fan of Sports Radio or in just seeing the behind the scenes in radio, please check out her film and/or listen to the podcast. Finally on Friday, Gabriel Bergmoser joins me from Australia to talk about his thoughts on Letter to You, the film and the album.

I have other episodes in the can, so look for more fan interviews in the next few weeks and a few more return guests doing Songs of Your Life Episodes. Hope you enjoy them!

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