Set Lusting Bruce Anniversary wrap up

It looks like today is International Podcast Day. A nice way to finish up the month of shows that I’ve done to celebrate 5 years of Set Lusting Bruce: A Bruce Springsteen Podcast. Over the past 30 days, I’ve released over 20 episodes featuring guests such as Maureen Van Zandt, Matt McGee, Kyle Pucciarello, Rob Carmack, Mark Hornok, Ken Rosen, Arlen Schumer, Sotero Lopez, Bob Bland, Gary Grant and Liz Bronson. We’ve talked new Springsteen music, his Seeger Session archive release, his best 5th tracks on each studio album and the Bands of our Lives plus the Songs of our lives. Thank you to all my listeners and guests. As we move to October, we get new Springsteen music and in November a Presidential election. It’s going to be a wild Autumn. Be good to each other, wash your hands, wear a mask and keep the faith, there is magic in the night. #podcast #springsteen #internationalpodcastday

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