Songs of your life – Jesse Jackson

Eleven Questions about Springsteen songs but you can only use each song only once – this time it’s Jesse’s turn on the hot seat.

1.     Song I hate

2.      Song that I think is overrated 

3.      Song that is underappreciated

4.      Song that I love

5.      Song that you can listen to over and over again

6.      Song that made me fall in love with Bruce

7.      Song that changed my life

8.      Song that surprised me

9.      song that is a Guilty Pleasure

10.   Song I wish I had seen live

11.   Great Song to see live

2 thoughts on “Songs of your life – Jesse Jackson”

  1. 1. Pony Boy – so many other songs – he is really lost in the love of his boys
    2. Candy’s room – never liked it
    3. Tougher than the rest – when he sings it with Pattie
    4.Back in your arms -travelling and coming back home
    5.Born to run – never not liked any play of this song, and have so many memorable ones
    6. Dancing in the dark – just makes me want to dance – even on my own
    7. Tunnel of love -first song, first concert and Bruce’s first time in my hometown – All firsts
    8.Take care of your own – the grandkids did naked dancing to this song – they loved it
    9. Something in the night – play it in the dark, real loud and even I have had a drink – just want to be able to express that emotion
    10. Ain’t good enough for you – love the asbury park version – just feel like that before meeting Sal
    11. Jungleland – just a great band song – all play a part, but the SAX – it is just my favourite solo
    It is a very personal choice – I guess there are more answers than questions.
    Thanks for the challenge Jesse.


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