The “night” songs aren’t the right “songs” mostly

On a recent podcast, Arlen Schumer mentioned the Prove it All Night 1978 version with the very long guitar solo introduction.  He spoke of it with reverence and awe, expressing regret that Bruce doesn’t ever play that version of the song anymore.   I resisted sharing with him that I am not a fan of that intro.  In fact, I’m not a fan of that song.  (I didn’t want to get lectured by him that I had poor taste).

Overall I’m not a fan of most of the songs in Bruce’s catalog that have the word “night” in them.  I know that is considered strange to share (not as strange as me sharing I’m not a fan of Jungleland) but still strange.  

I don’t care for Night.  I’ve heard it live 3 times and none of them made an impression on me.   

I know people love Because the Night especially when Nils does the long guitar solo.  It’s cool that he twirls around but overall guitar solos don’t do much for me.

Something in the Night and Spirt in the Night are songs that leave me cold.  Nothing in those songs moves me or inspires me.

The two “night” songs that are the exception are “Drive All Night” and “Open all Night.”

Both of these songs make me feel and bring me joy.   Drive all Night reminds me pain I feel when I missing my lovely bride when she or I are traveling apart.   

Open all Night especially done by the Seeger Session Band helps you to move, to tap your feet and shake you booty!  

So any song in Springsteen’s collection that you find “meh?”   Comment below or send me an email to

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