Dallas Cowboys

I did not grow up a sports fan. It just wasn’t something that my Mom or Dad cared about. Moving around a great deal as a child (my day was in the Army) I never connected to any sports franchise. When my Dad retired and my parents divorced, we settled down in Louisiana which was Saints and LSU country.

I had a roommate in College that loved the Saints and I would watch a few games with him. I didn’t care one way or another. My wife was a casual fan of the Houston Oilers but neither one of us were passionate.

In 1986, we moved to Dallas and everything changed. I found myself in a city that lives and dies by the performance of the Cowboys on Sundays. I slowly got hooked, listening to sports talk radio and becoming a fan of Tom Landry and the boys.

In 1989, Chris was born and he grew up watching the games with me every Sunday. He was too young to enjoy the Aikman, Smith & Irvin (the triplets) Super-Bowl run. Every Sunday we were together watching the games, we want though a lot of bad football. We watched the brilliance and the wildness of Tony Romo. We rooted for Jason Garrett to succeed as the coach, not only because he was a former Cowboy player but he is also a major Springsteen fan.

Romo and Garrett are gone. We now have Dak, Zeke and other great players. We have a new coach (from the Green Bay Packers?) Mike McCarthy. Jerry Jones is still our owner and he frustrates the heck out of me but I do know he wants to win.

Tonight the season starts off with a game in Los Angeles. No one will be in the stands. Chris is in his own apartment and since it’s a school night, we will be watching together via text and call phone calls. I don’t know what the season has in store for us but I’m ready for the journey.

I tend to be an optimist so I’m going to predict that under this new coach, the boys will find a little magic in the night and go 11-5 and make it to the NFC Championship game. From there, who knows. Of course knowing the team they way I do, I wouldn’t be shocked if they go 5 – 11 and get the 1st pick in next year’s draft.

We are all siblings in Springsteen so if you love the Eagles, the Giants, the Bears, the Steelers, Chargers, Seahawks, etc. I wish you and your team the best of luck (unless you are playing the Cowboys). Love to all and let’s have a safe and successful season.

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