Five Year SLB Survey

I sent out a poll to my listeners asking a few questions.  Here are the results.

Who is your favorite guest?   

The top 3 choices were Other, Dan French and Donna with Bruce Funds.  Everyone else listed got multiple votes.  It is clear that all my guests are loved.

My favorite type of episode is

Fan interviews                                     40%

Ranking songs/album discussions   30%

Writer Interviews                               12.5%

Musicians interviews                         10.0%

Other Podcast Crossovers                 7.5%

Not surprising that the fan interviews which is the main focus on the show leads this poll.  Nice to see that me talking to writers & musicians get some love.   It also looks like people like when we rank things.

I like getting a new episode:

Once a week                                      82.5%

Twice a week                                     17.5%

Looks like I’ve been busting it to get two episodes out a week when I should slow down and just do one.  Starting in October, I’m going to see how that works.

I like the podcast because….  (This was an open field where anyone could write anything & here are the comments. 

it is like hanging with old friends.

Chance to share/compare thoughts with other fans from allover the world

Finding out more about Bruce fans their stories and also other music that they like that connects to Bruce

Hearing other people excited about Bruce and how Bruce has inspired the work of so many different kinds of creators.

I learn something about an artist I don’t know a lot about.

I like everything Bruce-related

I like to hear from Bruce’s fans and fellow musicians who understand his work.

I love Bruce and I love hearing from people that love him.

I love my brother

I need HSOs on ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and ‘Santa Clause is Coming To Town’ (Obviously)…

I’m a Springsteen fan

It brings different perspectives on fandom and the topics and guests are varied.

It feels like I’m in a conversation about interesting things with people I enjoy.

It’s interesting to hear different perspectives about the same musician.

It’s about Bruce Springsteen

It’s Bruce! And I like listening to others who are part of our tribe.

It’s Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

It’s fun to listen and disagree and think about bruce with different perspective

It’s great to hear each fans unique story. Ken Rosen has been a favorite guest of mine (that’s why I checked “Other” on question #1.

It’s great to hear real people stories

Jesse is skilled at drawing out interesting conversation with Bruce fans, conducts it in a friendly manner and has a winning interview formula.

Jesse is so personable and friendly…easy to talk to and a true fan!

Jesse is such a nice guy, he makes all feel welcome.

Jesse rocks!

Jessie is so easy to talk to and really gets you excited about all things Bruce! I LOVED doing the show.

Listening to people discuss things they are passionate about is a great way to expand one’s own horizons.

of interesting info.

Sharing Bruce memories, feeling part of the larger Bruce community

The Boss Rules!

the passion, humanity and heart of Bruuuce!

There’s always something interesting. I like the chattiness of it.

There’s an authenticity to the discussion, a realness that shines through on the podcast. Bruce has many rabid fans, and the podcast highlights how much The Boss has an effect on people. very relatable.

You are very sweet and inclusive of all Bruce Fandom, even people who haven’t been lucky enough to see a show. I like hearing how different fans were turned on to Springsteen and what he means to them. One piece of constructive feedback…sometimes in your (delightful) enthusiasm, you inadvertently speak over your guests and then the conversation changes course and the original thread of what the guest was saying is lost.

You can get more info. & insight as to why different people love Bruce & the ESB!

You, Jesse. You’re amazing.

Thanks to everyone that provided feedback.  I appreciate each of you and all my listeners.  If you have thoughts about the podcast, please send me an email at

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