Songs of your life

September 8th will be the 5th anniversary of the podcast. I’m planning to do some fun episodes to celebrate. I have Terry Smith joining me twice once to discuss a special cover version of Music Talks and the other time is to answer the questions I’m calling Songs of your life. Eleven questions about songs but the kicker is that you can only use a song once when you answer the questions. What are your answers? Send them to me at and I’ll read them or even better reach out and we can schedule a time for you to share them with me on the podcast.

Song I hate

Song that I think is overrated

Song that is under appreciated

Song that I love

Song that you can listen to over and over again

Song that made me fall in love with Bruce

Song that changed my life

Song that surprised me

Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

Song I wish I had seen live

Great Song to see live

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