Andrew Goddard Book Requests

Andrew Goddard is working on a book about Springsteen, Andrew’s life and other topics.  He’d like some help from fans.   Please listen and share your information to Andrew

Send Andrew the 3 words you would use to describe Bruce (like those in the film Springsteen and I)

  1. Answers to the questions posed by Carole Tuszynski in her book “Our Reasons to Believe” back in 1986.

How has listening to Bruce’s music shaped or influenced you?

How do you compare Bruce’s songs/albums of the past compared to his newer material

If you are on a deserted island, what one Springsteen album would you bring?

What is your personal Springsteen song?

Andrew would also like

  1. Pictures of street artwork related to Bruce and the EStreet band in New Jersey or anywhere

2.More answers to the questions above- also anything odd ball

  1. Anything about tribute bands – name and website

4 What resources exist – blogs and other internet related stuff, have a pretty good list of websites, but need some help with the other stuff

  1. Pictures of the Bramall Lane concert in Sheffield 1988.
  2. Anybody with Bruce inspired artwork

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