August Update

Happy August Everyone!

As always let me start by saying how much your continued support means the world to me.  Thank you for your support and for you love.

September is the 5th anniversary of the podcast.  As of today, there have been 565 episodes of Set Lusting Bruce released.   I’m planning to celebrate the Anniversary with several themed episodes as well as reissuing some classic episodes.  

I have the following episodes planned: 

·        Chris Bloom, Bella Pori, Ian Braisby and I are going to pick our top 5 springsteen tracks from all the Track 5 tracks on official releases. 

·        Terry Smith and I are going to do a Springsteen cover version of his great podcast Music Talks.

·        My buddies from the How Many Podcast are going to answer a questionare popularized by the local Sports Station (1310 The Ticket).  Answer the following questions but you can use a band/musician only once.  You can’t pick the same band for Band you Love and Band who you can listen to over and over again.

Bands of Your life

1.      Band I hate (I don’t get)

2.      Band that I think is overrated

3.      Band that is under appreciated

4.      Band that I love

5.      Band that you can listen to over and over again

6.      Band that made me fall in love with music

7.      Band that changed my life

8.      Band the surprised me

9.      Guilty Pleasure

10.   Band I should have seen live

11.   Great Band to see live

·        Scott Koenig is going to join me to pick 8 songs you share with someone who doesn’t know Bruce to win them over.

·        Charles Skaggs my cohost on my Doctor Who podcast (Next Stop Everywhere) and I are going to pick the 5 shows we would go to in the past if we had access to the TARDIS.

·        I’ve taken all the promos that people have done for me and I’m going to release that one day.

·        I’ll update and release last year’s Springsteen Birthday Special.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know.   

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