Favorite Independence Day Song?

There are a lot to choose from but for sure it won’t be Born in the USA. I am always amused by the people who misunderstand the song. We are big fans of the musical 1776 and we always watch it during the holiday. There are some great songs and the story is always inspiring.

I’ve not had the chance to see Hamilton. I’m excited to see it this weekend. I’m sure that it will live up the hype. Once I have seen it, I’m sure I will have new songs I will adore.

However my all time favorite song that we play every 4th of July is Daddy Ray, American the Beautiful by the late great Ray Charles

Of course American Land and This Land is your Land are always in the discussion.

I hope this Independance Day that you are safe, you have good friends and family around you. That you enjoy BBQ, Fireworks and cold beverages. Let’s also remember that no one wins unless we all win and let’s be kind to our siblings out there.

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