The Church of Bruce

I have had an on and off relationship with a formal church. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Household with my Grandfather very active in the church. During my High School years, I attended my local church and was very active in youth groups, choir and other functions. The majority of my social life revolved around that community. I had drifted away from attending services. I started dating Linda and she asked me to start going to Mass with her. I enjoyed it and started the conversion process. In 1983, I officially became catholic. Over the years, we both have have drifted away from attending Mass. We both have concerns about some of the Catholic Church’s beliefs and practacies. My faith journey is one that is ever changing and adapting. All that said, if there was a church here in Dallas that had music like this, I would be attending every Sunday. A service filled with Bruce Music and a homily/sermon based on his music, I’m there.

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