Losing a radio friend

If you listen to the podcast you’ve probably heard me talking about the local sports radio station, I listen to often. Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket has been my choice of radio companions for over 20 years. If I’m not listening to E Street Radio, my radio is turned to The Ticket.

The guys on the station are funny, insightful, thought provoking and always entertaining. Dallas (like many cities) is a little sports crazy and The Ticket has kept me informed and entertained about the sports scene for a long time.

Chris grew up listing to The Musers, Bob and Dan, Norm and The Hardline. He and I are both big P1’s (the station’s name for listeners). Through the station, I have become good friends with my co-hosts for How Many (http://howmanypodcast.libsyn.com/podcast) Bob, Junior and Scott. The station helped me to laugh and feel better during dark times like losing my father, unemployment and cancer. They are a good companion on this part of the ride.

On Monday January 6th 2020, Mike Rhyner the cofounder of the ticket and cohost of the afternoon drive show The Hardline, announced his retirment. The Old Grey Wolf ( @theoldgreywolf ) is an radio legend in Dallas. His love of Baseball, Tom Petty, Steely Dan and other passions are well know. He and I both had children that attended Catholic Grade Schools and we would meet often at various church events. At remotes and other live events, Mike would always recognize me and offer me the warmest of greetings.

Mike is in good health. He has no beef with the station. He’s just decided that it’s time to turn the page and to go future on down the road. His opinion of the Great Game (baseball), the Cowboys, Mavericks and other sports topics will be missed. His love for music and his passion for Tom Petty (he leads Petty Theft a Tom Petty tribute band) will be missed. His voice coming through my car speakers will be missed.

Live long and prosper Mike. You are an origional and I will you nothing but happiness and success in what every road you choose to take going forward. Stay Hard Mike and keep jamming.

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