Cowboy Sundays

Growing up in Kentucky and Louisiana, my family were not big sports fans. We didn’t have a team that we rooted for and we didn’t watch football on Sundays. When my parents divorced and we settled down in Louisiana, we continued to be a non-sports family. My first roommate in college David Fare (RIP) was a major Saint’s fan and I watched a few games with him. Linda liked the Oilers but she was a casual fan. Sports were not important till we moved to Dallas in 1986.

When you live in Dallas, the Cowboys are part of the culture. I was a fan of talk radio and the first station I found in Dallas was KLIF, and it’s morning show was Norm Hitzges talking sports. I became a fan of Norm’s and his passion was sports was catching. I started watching Dallas play each Sunday, went to Maverick games, enjoyed going to see the Rangers and watching them on TV during the long summer.

Once Chris was born in 1989, the Cowboys were a vital part of Fall Sundays. He grew up watching the games with me. That tradition has continued all the way to today. Even during college, we would text and talk during the games. Currently he is staying at the house to help out but when he had his own place, we would still meet at his place or ours to enjoy the game.

We have a ritual, he decorates the house with Cowboy decorations. We drink our morning coffee in a Cowboy mug. We listen the a Cowboy CD before the game and we cheer and groan with every good/bad play.

The season ends today. It’s been a disappointing season (again) but it has also been a joy spending these 16 weeks with Chris. I’m blessed.

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