Discover Pods Award Nominations

Hi Set Lusting Bruce fans (and fans of other podcasts). Discover Pods is taking nominations for best Podcasts of 2019.
If you don’t mind follow the link and nominate certain of the Southgate Media Podcasts.
I’ve included suggestions if you don’t already have a favorite to nominate.

  1. What’s your email address? *
  2. Best Overall Podcast 2019 * Set Lusting Bruce
  3. Best New Podcast of 2019 *
  4. Best Individual Podcast Episode (Podcast – Episode) Set Lusting Bruce – Bruce Springsteen 70th Birthday
  5. Most Innovative Podcast
  6. Best True Crime Podcast
  7. Best Sports Podcast
  8. Best News Podcast
  9. Best Interview Style Podcast Set Lusting Bruce
  10. Best History Podcast
  11. Best Comedy Podcast – How Many Podcast
  12. Best Kids & Family Podcast
  13. Best Society & Culture Podcast
  14. Best TV & Movies Podcast – Next Stop Everywhere
  15. Best Technology & Science Podcast
  16. Best Audio Drama or Fiction Podcast
  17. Best Business Podcast
  18. Best Arts Podcast
  19. Best Health & Fitness Podcast
  20. Best Music Podcast Set Lusting Bruce
  21. Best Government Podcast

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